Lactose Free Cappuccino


Luckily, there are many options to make a lactose free / low FODMAP latte or cappuccino, so you don’t have to miss out! For a lactose free milk, you can either choose lactose free cow milk or a plant based milk like soy milk or almond milk. However, the amount of foam and the taste really varies between these options.

How to make low FODMAP milk foam:

Type of milk:
To make milk foam  you can use any type of milk, but the results will vary a lot. In general, the higher the protein content of the milk, the more foam it will produce. Some common low FODMAP milk types are:

1) Soy milk: Soy milk contains a lot of protein and is therefore very suitable for milk foam. However, soy has a typical taste that not everybody will love in their coffee 😉 Soy beans contain the FODMAP galactans, but this amount is greatly reduced in the soy milk purchased soy milk (one serving of 120 ml soy milk is allowed). You can choose an sweetened or unsweetend type of soy milk, just what you prefer!
2) Almond milk: almond milk has a lower protein content that soy milk, and produces much less foam and you end up with a latte rather than a cappuccino. I really like the taste creamyness and nutty taste of almond milk in coffee.
3) Lactose free cow milk: a lactose free cow milk is just like normal cow milk where the lactose is removed, and is really suitable for making milk foam. There are several methods by which milk companies remove the lactose, which is why some brands will taste much sweeter than others. In general only semi-skimmed cow milk is available in supermarkets, which is fine for making milk foam. The taste of cow milk in coffee a classic combination for a good reason!

Foaming method:
So, now you have chosen your type of milk, you can start the foaming process. I prefer to use a plunger or cafetiere to make milk foam, which is really easy, cheap and makes the densest foam. Some important things to take in mind:
– The amount of foam a milk produces varies A LOT between different types of brands. It is worth trying out different brands of your choise of milk.
– Before you start foaming, your milk should be as cold as possible and come straight from the fridge
– Do not overheat your milk, above 65-70 degrees Celcius the foam will break down.

For a cappuccino you can make an espresso with your method of choice. Most of the time, I just make very strong filter or cafetiere coffee. Some peope with IBS are sensitive to caffeine in which case you can choose caffeine free coffee.

Almond milk foam


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